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Strange had a musical ear before he could say musical ear, writing tunes on multiple instruments by age 9. Songs ranging from Apocalyptic Hip Hop to Okkvlt, Dirty/Dark Electro to Noise. Powers has played along side Kool Keith, Pictureplane,The Flobots, Modern Witch, Ceschi Ramos, Sole & Skyrider Band, HOLLAGRAMZ, The Shape Shifters, Noah 23, Why? Themselves, DJ Swamp, Mark Farina, Busdriver, Jeremy Sole's Musaics and more.   

"producing dark, cosmic dance music, Powers uses clashing sounds, 8-bit aesthetics and an unapologetically nerdy intellect to challenge assumptions about music, art and, well, extraterrestrial life." - Eryc Eyl for REVERB  

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