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“At Temple Gate” immerses you in a kind of shamanism of which the echo has long since been lost. It is an interstitial album which marries a modal ancestrality with the power of electronic soundscapes, revealing a duality, an incantation at the threshold of death. The Sound is what immediately strikes the listener, even before the Logos, the word, the music itself: “at Temple Gate” is an experience a kind of sonic ritual.

It is not the dead, these deities, who are terrifying, but the living and their ever more ardent desires to communicate with those whose bodies have spread throughout the cosmos into a billion particles of stardust; where we come from and where we end up, ashes to dust. “At Temple Gate” is evocative of all of this: the bait of Time, Cruelty, the bite of Sound.

text by ΣICHAËL LIBERG 山 /// english translation: Laura Cole + 山

Release date 16 November, 2014.

Jessika Kenney - voice, electronics /// Eyvind Kang - viola, electronics /// Hyeonhee Park - percussion, electronics

with Timm Mason, modular synth

Composed by 1) Eyvind Kang - 2) Kenney/Kang/Park - 3) Hyeonhee Park - 4) Jessika Kenney
recorded and mixed by Mell Dettmer at Studio Soli /// additional recording and mixing by Randall Dunn at Avast /// mastered by James Plotkin


  1. 1. Faites le mal
  2. 2. At Temple Gate
  3. 3. Vowel
  4. 4. D'Astres Moudangs