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Koban is a storm that has been gathering over the Pacific Northwest since 2011. After an EP and full length recording behind them, the Vancouver-based duo is striking out again with a new 6-song EP on Weyrd Son Records this time, gaining sound and fury in these brooding new tracks. Koban naturally and seamlessly genre bend, their punk roots buried deep under layers of melded synth, goth and post-punk. This creates a unique sound which is simultaneously full and sparse, atmospheric and uneasy. A drum machine creates a baseline over which moody interchanging vocals and blown-out guitar noise quickly and organically oscillates. Their lyrics give a wink and nod to their influences and feature songs sung in French for an icy touch. Koban leave you with a feeling of being utterly new and a sense of déjà vu.

Cover photograph by Aslee Lúk.

Release date July 9, 2014.


  1. 1. 401a
  2. 2. Rappeler
  3. 3. Détacher et déguiser
  4. 4. Cool Wind
  5. 5. Delirium
  6. 6. Standing On The Edge