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Initially this Mushy/Meddicine split saw its release last year on tape through Meddicine's own label SixSixSixties Records. Both sides have a similar hypnotizing quality that is bound to intrigue anyone, yet are very different at the same time. Hailing from Italy, Mushy is like a siren; you know deep down that giving in to her seductive chanting will take you to a dark place, but you submit yourself nonetheless. Meddicine is a different kind of enchantress. Her music is overwhelming in a harsher, more straightforward way, seducing by pulsating sound and noise rather than vocals. In other words, this vinyl reissue offers a great combination of psychedelic synths and noise that will leave no one unimpressed.

Release date: Aug. 19, 2013

a - Mushy

  1. 1. Can I Hold The Sky
  2. 2. (Let Me) Go Away
  3. 3. My All Secrets

b - Meddicine

  1. 1. Go Go Betty!
  2. 2. I Dream You Are Here
  3. 3. Twilight