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Obsessed with sad love stories and the cold echo of 80's romanticism, the sound of Animal Youth emerges with reverberation and fuzz, with a chorus bass and gated drums at its foundation.
It's probably hard to say of what it is made, surely elements can be found reminding of Cocteau Twins and The Jesus And Mary Chain, The Cure, hints of My Bloody Valentine and A Place to Bury strangers...
The band brings out their many influences with a strong energy and blissfull melancholy, transporting a sound that's consequently dreamy and intense.
They first came with a digital EP called "Youth", which has morphed to a full album “ANIMAL” that will be released as a 12 inch on Weyrd Son Records , May 27th 2017, for the label's 4 years anniversary.
Since ANIMAL is just a beginning, be sure you'll hear some more about the young band, soon enough.
Stay Romantic.

Music / Words by Animal Youth (except "In Heaven (Lady In The Radiator)" by D. Lynch/P. Ivers)
Artwork by Alexandre Webber
Design / Layout by Michael Thiel

Release date May 27, 2017


  1. 1. Darkest Place
  2. 2. Rainy Day
  3. 3. Eat You Alive
  4. 4. Feeling
  5. 5. Love You (When You're Dead)
  6. 6. To Burn Is The Next Big Thing
  7. 7. Sunday
  8. 8. In Heaven (Lady in the Radiator)
  9. 9. You Don't Know Love