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Everyone being a early 80's dark/cold minimal synth enthusiast have encountered those two classic songs composed by Carol and and Snowy Red's frontman Micky Mike. Originally released in 1982, "Breakdown" and side B's "So Low" have both achieved the status of myth and are considered as anthems by a large audience. Almost 35 years later we're honoured to annouce that both tracks will finally be reissued as a lovely 7", housed in a pretty classy packaging, perfect for another 35 years journey...

5 editions available:
Ed#1 - Half white / half clear with black splatter. 100 copies
Ed#2 - Clear with black splatter. 100 copies
Ed#3 - Half clear/half white vinyl. 100 copies
Ed#4 - Half clear/half black vinyl. 100 copies
Ed#5 - Black vinyl. 1000 copies


  1. 1. Breakdown


  1. 1. So Low