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"Since Throbbing Gristle is dead, since DAF is straight, and since Suicide covers Cargo de Nuit, Scorpion Violente sneaked in as a traitor in the evil dance floor field, only because a space was vacant [...] Scorpion Violente just want to dive people in a pool of cum. This is the music of Love".

Scorpion Violente will make you feel weird inside that barely used little tiny body of yours.

We wonder which military base Scorpion Violente raided for their vicious armaments. What we don't doubt is that in due time, they will be approached by dour bureaucrats with craggy faces, crew cuts, and questions about the illegal footprint of their pervert mambo. There are severe protocols that forbid the deployment of dual-use armaments by civilians-- in this case, the refashioned components from decommissioned Grauzone missiles originally developed by the DDR, from which Scorpion Violente built their drum machines. Or the riot-control projectors whose blueprints inspired the malevolent synth currents that animate the band's skeletal romps. The proof is in the violence.
(by Altered Zones)

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