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////////////// Oct. 15, 2017 Thot "FLEUVE" album Release party, October 27.

In less than two weeks we're going to hit Brussels with the release party for THOT's new album "FLEUVE", produced by Magnus Lindberg (Cult of Luna). We'll be in great company with our mates of Public Psyche who'll also present officially their fresh killer record "No New Violence" that was released two weeks ago on Hypertension Records. And since we wanted that night to be really special, DebadouDa Polyphonic Choir will join in and pour some extra grace.

////////////// Sept. 21, 2017 "Breakdwon / So Low" 7inch repress by Carol is here!

Today's arrival, FINALLY (with more than a month delay). The new and ultimate repress of Carol's classic "Breakdown/So Low" is in and looking stunning! They're available here.

////////////// Sept. 15, 2017 "White Noise" 7inch by Whispering Sons. Out now!

Happy release day to us and mostly to our buddies of Whispering Sons who are starting their new EU tour TONITE. To celebrate, they'll travel with their new single "White Noise" we officially unleashed on this day. This clear red variant is the "European Tour Edition" and if you want it, you should consider going out to check one of their shows cause that's the only way you'll get the chance to grab one.
And if you're into classic black vinyl and prefer to stay home to catch some Game Of Thrones replay instead, just know we got you covered...

Get your copy.

////////////// Sept. 8, 2017 "White Noise" 7inch and Thot's "Fleuve" CD arrived!

Arrived this week at our HQ!
Above: "White Noise", the new 7" by Whispering Sons. Shipping on the 14th of this month. The red/clear version is a TOUR EDITION only be available on the band's European live dates. And if you don't have the opportunity to make it to one of their shows, order your black copy before they vanish.

below: the CD version of THOT's new album "FLEUVE" to be released on Oct. 20. We're still waiting for its big bro vinyl edition. Check here this wild beast out.

////////////// Sept. 4, 2017 premieres new Whispering Sons track "White Noise"... and preorders are going live now!

Here's the moment a lot of you have been waiting for months and Post-Punk is the master of ceremony for the party! The five post-punkers of Whispering Sons are coming back with a new release. White Noise is the follow up to their 2016's 7" Performance/Strange Identities which sold out in a heartbeat. This song is not new to the band's hardcore fans as it's been part of their live sets in the past months and this is exactly why it deserved the treatment of a proper release on vinyl, especially initiated by the band to celebrate their new European tour starting on September 15. On Side B appears a remix of Performance by B, the techno project from Bert Libeert of GOOSE. Three editions will be available. One of them can only be purchased at live shows during the band's upcoming tour (clear red edition, 150 copies). Make sure you see them live if you wanna have the chance to get your hands on the holy grail.
Thanx to post-punk mag for the premiere and ever amazing support. Read and listen here

..and preorders have started already. Release date: Sept. 15, 2017

Ed.#1 - Clear red - EU tour exclusive edition. ONLY AVAILABLE at Whispering Sons shows
With extra cover
Limited to 150 copies

Ed.#2 - Milky clear with white haze
Limited to 150 copies

Ed.#3 - Black vinyl edition
Limited to 300 copies

////////////// Aug. 21, 2017 Preorders for "FLEUVE" 2xLP by THOT are starting NOW!

So today we're finally announcing preorders for THOT's upcoming album FLEUVE and we're so proud about this one. Artwork by Anne Fontenelle and Antoine De Schuyter Get it here and now in one of the following editions:

- "FLEUVE" 2xLP - "LAVA" edition
- extra 7" "Now's The Only Time I Know" - green vinyl with black smoke
- "FLEUVE" patch
- "FLEUVE" pin

#2 - "LAVA" EDITION 2xLP + extra 7" "Now's The Only Time I Know" - green vinyl with black smoke
Limited to 100 copies

Limited to 200 copies
Limited to 300 copies


////////////// Aug. 20, 2017 First views of "FLEUVE" by THOT + free download codes - part 4

Tomorrow's the big day with the unleash of the preorders of new THOT album "FLEUVE". Tomorrow's also the BIG day as we're reveiling the video of the band's new song "Now's The Only Time I Know". A 7" version of the song will also be available for preorder. Well, guess when? TOMORROW!
But for now, you can get a free download of the track using one of the five codes below.


to redeem here

////////////// Aug. 19, 2017 First views of "FLEUVE" by THOT + free download codes - part 3

We're back with our little "FLEUVE" action weekend before we start the preorders this Monday. As promised, there's another giveaway of five free download codes for THOT's new song "Now's The Only Time I Know".


to redeem here
If you miss out the action, don't worry, you'll get more opportunities throughout the weekend (first up this afternoon 5PM CEST)

Another batch of codes will go into the wild tomorrow at noon CEST.

////////////// Aug. 18, 2017 First views of "FLEUVE" by THOT + free download codes - part 2

Next Monday will start the preorders for our new release, "FLEUVE", by THOT. For the first time we'll have a CD version of one of our titles and to be honest we're quite excited about that! To celebrate, we're giving away download codes for the band's new song "Now's The Only Time I Know" to officially premiere in three days together with a video.


to redeem here
If you miss out the action, don't worry, you'll get more opportunities throughout the weekend (first up this afternoon 5PM CEST)

Another batch of codes will go into the wild tomorrow at noon CEST.

////////////// Aug. 18, 2017 First views of "FLEUVE" by THOT + free download codes - part 1

We will from now unveil lots of crispy infos and details about THOT's upcoming album FLEUVE all along the weekend. Here's the first view of what we've been cooking for now a few months. Now introduciing "LAVA" edition for this intense double LP...
Not only have we candies for the eye with this stunning art from the works of Anne Fontenelle and Antoine De Schuyter but also bits for your craving ears with a set of five free download codes for the band's new title "Now's The Only Time I Know" that's gonna feature on "FLEUVE" 's extra 7". A video is coming along with the track and will premiere next Monday as we'll also throw preorders for this long awaited album (vinyl, cd, digital).


to redeem here
If you miss out the action, don't worry, you'll get more opportunities throughout the weekend (first up this afternoon 5PM CEST)

////////////// July 25 Remixes wanted

Any remixers around?
You can download the stems of Thot's latest song ODRA and craft your own remix of it. We would love to ear the result and will obviously share it on our networks. We hope you'll have as much fun as we had recording this track
Download (track + stems)
Watch the music video


////////////// July 18 "You Don't Know Love" live at DOUR Festival 2017

So our romanticos of Animal Youth played an early show last Thursday at the Dour Festival. Here's how it sounded like, looked like, felt like. Feel the love, and don't forget to stay romantic!

////////////// July 10, 2017 Animal Youth - "You Don't Know Love" video premiere

"Summer Love" is now ON again with our very own Animal Youth and their new retro/90's soap video for "You Don't Know Love" (dir. Léo Belaisch) that sees the immense privilege to be premiered by a fine selection of EU and US webzines. This one's for all you early MTV nostalgics, before they dropped the "Music" and the cool vids....

Thanx to our five partners for sharing the love.
Pure Grain Audio - USA
Mowno - France
Goûte Mes Disques - Belgium
Rocklab - Italy
Popmonitor - Germany

////////////// July 6 "ODRA" videoo by THOT

Maybe you've seen it, maybe you haven't. Anyway, time to proceed to an update with what's by far the video of the week with THOT's new title ODRA (dir. Arthur Shelton) that's featured on their next release FLEUVE to be released next Oct 20 on Weyrd Son Records. (preorders will go wild in August)

////////////// July 5, 2017 THOT's "ODRA" video premiere

ICAUNA was just an appetizer. We are excited to present you ODRA, the second river out from THOT's upcoming album FLEUVE, thanks for the kind support of those online magazines. Pick your favorite link below and get ready to dive into the abysses along the music video directed by french artist Arthur Shelton. Thanks again to everyone who've been involved in the making of this project. Share your thoughts, share the video everywhere, and once again, get ready for the next tide to come. It's not over.

Echoes & Dust - UK
Focus Vif - Belgium (Fr)
Luminous Dash - Belgium (Nl)
Score AV - France
Visions - Germany
Negative White - witzerland
Sentireascoltare - taly
Balkanrock - Serbia
Tresholdmag - Portugal
Notodo - Spain

////////////// June 29, 2017 New repress of Carol's "Breakdown / So Low" 7"

It's been a year now we made it a promise. After a very long silence, we're finally restocking the classic 7" "Breakdown / So Low" by Carol.


This time in 5 editions:
Ed#1 - Half white / half clear with black splatter. 100 copies
Ed#2 - Clear with black splatter. 100 copies
Ed#3 - Half clear/half white vinyl. 100 copies
Ed#4 - Half clear/half black vinyl. 100 copies
Ed#5 - Black vinyl. 1000 copies

This is a preorder and deliveries are expected on August 14.

////////////// June 27, 2017 Weyrd Son Records presents Wreck And Reference. Live!

Excited and honored to throw that special one with some of my all time fav Wreck and Reference to play Brussels July 14 at Singulier the tattoo shop. Check the FB event page

////////////// June 8, 2017 THOT's "ICAUNA" video premiere

We are quite honoured to have the support of these online magazines for the premiere of ICAUNA, the first song of our upcoming release, FLEUVE, by the Belgians of THOT. Choose your favorite link below and enjoy this surge of music along the amazing visual work by motion designer Antoine De Schuyter. We hope that you're gonna like what we are excited to present today. Share your thoughts, share the video everywhere. It's just the begining, get ready for the next wave to come. Soon. Thanks for your support.

Echoes & Dust - UK
Shoot Me Again Webzine - Belgium
New Noise - France
Neølyd - Germany - Greece
Bodyspace - Portugal
Notodo - Spain
Full Moon Magazine - Czech Republic

////////////// May 27, 2017 "Animal" LP by Animal Youth gets officially released today!

This week we've been weyrd for four years already and we're having a special release to celebrate. Here's the debut album by Belgium's trio Animal Youth. Their album "Animal" is a breathtaking collection of nine songs that will satisfy the noise/shoe gaze/postpunk lover in you. Three editions are available: #1 pink/blue (100 copies) #2 oxblood (200 copies) #3 black vinyl (300 copies). Artwork by Alex Weber. Grab yours here They will fly out next Tuesday but if your in the neighborhood, you can grab your copy in exclusivity at the Weyrd Son Records 4 year anniversary festival that's taking place this weekend at the Beursschouwburg in Brussels, Belgium.

////////////// May 25, 2017 Animal Youth's "Animal" LP premiere

Today's a big day for the new Weyrd Son Records family member Animal Youth. We're having a world premiere stream of their album "Animal" with not one, not two, not three, not four but FIVE countries showing their great support for this extremely tasty moment. Thanx a million to Shannon and Stephanie at Indie Publicity (USA) and Julien at 5 Roses Press (EU) for joining their forces making this thing possible.
Check out the LP in its entirety throu Music&Riots Magazine (USA), Negative White (Germany), ROCKERILLA (Italy), Notodo (Spain) and Score A/V (France).
Check one of the following links to find the story in your language!
Stay romantic!

Music & Riots - USA
Score A/V - France
Negative White - Germany
Notodo - Spain
Rockerilla - Italy

////////////// May 25, 2017 THOT's first excerpt from the album "FLEUVE" to be unleashed SOON!

Thot's visual for "ICAUNA", the first song to be officially unveiled from the LP "FLEUVE". Video is coming out in about ten days. Stay tuned.

“The river that everything drags is known as violent, but nobody calls violent the margins that arrest her.” - Bertolt Brecht

First river from the upcoming album FLEUVE.
JUNE 2017

Design by Anne Fontenelle & Åntøine De Schuyter
Weyrd Son Records // Smallfish Agency // The Link Productions

////////////// May 16, 2017 Weyrd Son Records 4 Year Anniversary Fastival - last name announced

In ten days is starting the Weyrd Son Records 4 Years Anniversary festival. We're having the sickest of the line up in the genre! With SOVIET SOVIET, Drab Majesty, Soft Kill, Whispering Sons, Animal Youth & Charnier. Taking place at the BEURSSCHOUWBURG on May 26 & 27.

////////////// May 4, 2017 New THOT album release announcement

Dear all,
Today we're so excited to announce the soon to be released third album by Belgian fourtet THOT. The record is entitled "Fleuve" and is due on October 20th. Between now and the 20th of October, you may expect a foretaste coming in the first lights of June.

About FLEUVE and its description, we'd like to refer everyone to Bertolt Brecht’s quote: “The river that everything drags is known as violent, but nobody calls violent the margins that arrest her."

It was recorded by Magnus Lindberg Productions (Cult of Luna) and Amaury Sauvé (Birds in row) at The Apiary • Recording Studio, Laval FR (Laval, France) in January 2017 and mixed at Redmount Studios (Stockholm, Sweden) in February by Magnus Lindberg.

(Photograph by Gil Chevigné & Coralie Adivassi - Costume & Jewelry by White Snake Creations )

////////////// April 28, 2017 "Feeling" video by Animal Youth to premiere on this Wednesday

This is the song/video of the week over here. New video "Feeling" by Animal Youth debuted last Wednesday and it's a perfect one to put on high rotation all along the weekend.
Album is still available for pre-orders here

////////////// April 26, 2017 POST PUNK premieres Animal Youth' new video for "Feeling"

We're honoured to share the new Animal Youth video.
"Feeling" premieres today by Post-Punk. Thanx to them for supporting this special band and their passion.

Read and watch

////////////// April 24, 2017 "Feeling" video by Animal Youth to premiere on this Wednesday

It's Monday and here we are with some fresh news to start the week the romantic way. Post-Punk will premiere Animal Youth's new video "Feeling" this Wednesday. Here's a teaser to fight against the wait. Special thanx to François for his great job editing the video and to Alex at for the endless support. See you all this Wednesday!

////////////// April 24, 2017 Weyrd Son Records 4th Anniversary Festival

Weyrd Son Records 4 years anniversary festival will take place next month at the Beursschouwburg in Brussels, Belgium, on May 26 and 27. With Soviet Soviet, Soft Kill, Drab Majesty, Charnier, Animal Youth, and a very special guest (name to be confirmed on May 16).

Get your ticket here

////////////// April 13, 2017 Repress of "Perte d'identité" LP by Marie Davidson, now available and shipping

Enjoying today's views of the so long awaited repress of Marie Davidson"Perte d'identité" LP. The cover with that "soft touch" finish is absolutely stunning and the three color variants of vinyl are super crisp. By the way, we received a little more of each so we'll put 3 more copies of that "bone in beer" colour, 12 "bone" and 15 classic black back on the store. Edition 1 and 3 both vanished extremely fast so don't miss this ultimate opportunity.

Order. Shipping is starting on April 4.

////////////// April 12, 2017 Stream Animal Youth's new song "Darkest Place", premiered by Punktastic

Today we're happy to share a new excerpt of Animal Youth's debut album "Animal". The song "Darkest Place" is now being premiered by Punktastic. Check the following link to take a listen and read full story. Thanx a million to them and to everyone who's put the extreme care in the making of this. Especially our PR agents Shannon and Stephanie (US) and Julien (EU). And Ranessa for the always amazing support.

////////////// March 27, 2016 Discover "Animal" LP's first excerpt "Rainy Day"

As announced yesterday, pre-orders for Animal Youth's debut album "Animal" is now going LIVE!
Release date is set to May the 27th. Stay tuned for more songs and videos to be unveiled in the next coming days.

////////////// March 26, 2017 Weyrd Son Records announces new LP "Animal" by Animal Youth

Dear folks,
We're thrilled to officially announce the soon to be released first album by our new favorite band Animal Youth. The album is entitled "Animal" and is composed of nine powerful/emotional songs that won't leave you indifferent. Here's a sneak peak of the amazing art by Alex Weber. Come back tomorrow to discover the first official excerpt of the LP and check our online stores to pre-order your copy.
Release date: May 27 (+ release party at our 4 yr anniversary festival at Beursschouwburg.
3 editions will be available:
Ed.#1 - half clear electric blue/baby pink (100 copies)
Ed.#2 - oxblood (200 copies)
Ed.#3 - black (300 copies)

////////////// March 4, 2017 Whispering Sons interview in

Check out the wonderful video interview of Whispering Sons by the always amazing POST-PUNK team.

////////////// Feb. 18, 2017 Announcement for Weyrd Son Records 4th Anniversary Festival

In about three months we will celebrate the 4th anniversary of what is already a wonderful journey. A few of our old and new favorite bands will gather and share the stage of the Beursschouwburg in Brussels on Friday 26th and Saturday 27th of May. We'll have SOVIET SOVIET, Soft Kill, Drab Majesty, Charnier, Animal Youth, and another band we can't share the name for now but is one of the strongest on the label's roster and a few others to be confirmed in the very next days. And also little surprises and gifts all through that weekend. Stay tuned for more!

Weyrd Son Records Festival facebook event page
Presales of the tickets for the festival are now up!
One day ticket: 11€
50 first two-days combo pass will fly to the very special price of 16€. Early bird specials!!!
Get your ticket here

////////////// Feb. 7, 2017 "Perte d'identité" LP by Marie Davidson. Repress soon to be available!

3 years ago we released one of our most famous titles, "Perte d'identité" by Marie Davidson. First edition on black vinyl was sold out in less than three weeks and we threw a second one on white vinyl. For some reason, this last one is now reaching crazy prices on Discogs (up to 700€). It was time to make that amazing record available... So this day marks the groundbreaking return of a "contemporary classic"!!! For this new edition, we've been totally rethinking the packaging in order to make this new edition very special and unique. This time, this great record receives a super classy "soft touch finish" treatment and a cool printed innersleeve...

Three colours available:
#1 Opaque bone in beer - 100 copies
#2 Opaque bone colour - 200 copies
#3 Black - 300 copies

Preorder is now available. Shipping is starting on April 4.

////////////// Feb. 7, 2017 "Five Point / Full Moon" by Soft Kill now available

"Five Point / Full Moon" 7" 's by Soft Kill are finally in! This little dude was supposed to get along with the "Heresy" LP velvet book edition but because of some production delays, we had to ship them separately. Glad to announce that these little black pearls will go out to their final destinations tomorrow! Also, we got a few extra copies of it so some of them ended up on the store...

get yours here

////////////// Feb. 5, 2017 Charnier repress, out soon!

Second press for Charnier's debut album repress is now up for preorder. This time's new color addition is a sweet clear blue/white split vinyl. Limited to 200 copies. Starts shipping Feb. 20.

preorder now

////////////// Jan. 5, 2017 Whispering Sons soon to hit the European roads

Whispering Sons is about to kick off for their second European tour in about a month. Let's say it straight, there's no better way to start the year!

////////////// Dec. 27, 2016 My 2016's ultimate top ten

So this is my 2016's ultimate top 10. Thanx to Didier at Luminous Dash! You rule, dude.
Check it out

////////////// Dec. 21, 2016 Sexy view of Soft Kill's Heresy"

Soft Kill "Heresy" LP - velvet book edition (limited to 100 copies) and the original artwork by oejerum. Weyrd Son Records (2016). This album is absolute perfection on every single aspect, sonically, visually and for what it touches deep inside of me.  There are still a few copies left on the store, also available on red in milky clear (limited to 200) and black vinyl (limited to 300.
Get yours

////////////// Dec. 6, 2016 Cool Heresy family shot"

That's one hell of a sweet view! Thanx to Christian S. for purchasing and collecting those sexy babies.
Soft Kill "Heresy" LP velvet book edition clear red blood vinyl + test pressing (limited to 15 copies) and the regular edition with red in milky clear vinyl (limited to 200)

////////////// Nov. 25, 2016 Check out video for "Strange Identities", by Whispering Sons. Seven inch is now officially out.

"Performance / Strange Identities" by Whispering Sons is today officially out! Happy release day! All orders are now flying out...
Here's hands down the music video of the year. Period.
"Strange Identities" by Whispering Sons.
Video written and directed by Koen Blauwblomme & Pieter De Ridder. (SenSorShip) and produced by The Breakfast Club.
Big shout out to them all and a happy release day to this new strong installation that is this "Performance / Strange Identities" 7"

////////////// Nov. 22, 2016 CVLT NATION premieres the video for Whispering Sons' "Strange Identities"

Check out the amazing video for "Strange Identities" by the equaly amazing Whispering Sons and premiered by CVLT Nation. This brilliant piece of work was directed by Koen Blauwblomme and Pieter De Ridder (SenSorShip). Not for the faint-hearted!

Read story

Take also good note of their forthcoming dates in Europe. Next step is Ancienne Belgique, in Brussels.

Dec. 10 - AB club, Brussels (B)
Jan. 7 - Donkey Rock, Selange (B)
Jan. 28 - Dark Balloon, Retie (B)
Feb. 7 - Café Glocksee, Hannover (D)
Feb. 8 - Lokomotiv, Chemnitz (D)
Feb. 9 - Monarch, Berlin (D)
Feb. 10 - Druckluft, Oberhausen (D)
Feb. 11 - GRAUZONE @ Paard van Troje, Den Haag (NL)
Feb. 13 - FZW, Dortmund (D)
Feb. 14 - MTC, Cologne (D)
Feb. 15 - De Gudde Wellen, Luxembourg (L)
Feb. 16 TBC, Paris (FR)
Feb. 17. - Hall of Fame, Tilburg (NL)
Feb. 18. Charlatan, Gent (B)

////////////// Nov. 21, 2016 Soft Kill "Heresy", out now!

Just in (finally)! Soft Kill "Heresy" LP
Last weekend marked the first anniversary of "Heresy". This amazing record was released a year ago on No Sun Recordings. A year later, we are finally giving that one the "Weyrd Son treat" as a European pressing, releasing three very special editions (here is the red in milky clear vinyl). Happy anniversary to "Heresy", this is our way to celebrate. All orders will ship this Thursday!
Order your copy here
Oh, and Soft Kill has a new record out. It's called "Choke" and it is another strong record that's ending in our 2016's top ten. Make sure to check it on Profound Lore Records

////////////// Nov. 21, 2016 "Strange Identities" 7"s by Whispering Sons are here!

Just in! Whispering Sons "Performance / Stange Identities" 7"
Here are all four editions, right to left: ed1. Oxblood and black (hand numbered). Ed2. Black (hand numbered). Ed3. Black in coke bottle (not hand numbered). Ed4. Black (not handnumbered): All orders will ship this Thursday!

////////////// Nov. 20, 2016 Whispering Sons' "Strange Identities" video to premiere at CVLT NATION in two days

Dear folks,
This Tuesday, CVLT NATION will premiere the so much awaited video for "Strange Identities" by Whispering Sons. It is a great honour to share with you all a first shot, for some sweet mouth watering... and give you a taste of blood. Stay tuned!!!

////////////// Nov. 16, 2016 Second press for "Performance / Strange Identities" 7" by Whispering Sons is sold out!!!

"Performance / Strange Identities" 7" by Whispering Sons is now totally sold out, 10 days before the official release (Nov. 25) but as a consolation, you can still purchase it digitally... Thanx to everyone who bought a copy of that one and for supporting that amazing band. Your copies will meet their needle in the very next little days.

////////////// Oct. 19, 2016 Whispering Sons in Luminous Dash

Here' a short but wonderful write up about Whispering Sons. Both in Dutch and English. Be prepared to hear more and more about them... Read story here.

////////////// Oct. 12, 2016 "Performance / Strange Identities" 7" is sold out!!! Second pressing is already on the way...

So we sold 300 copies of the new Whispering Sons "Performance / Strange Identities" 7" in less than 24 hours which means this first press is out of stock! We're now throwing a second press.
This time we're going for black in coke bottle color (100 copies) together with a restock of black (200 more).
Be quick, might go in another 24 hours!!! Just sayin'

////////////// Oct. 10, 2016 Post-unk Magazine premieres "Performance" by Whispering Sons

Post-Punk Magazine is now premiering "Performance" by Belgium's new sensation Whispering Sons.
Thanx so much to Post-Punk for the great work and for supporting great music and bands.
Read and listen here

////////////// Oct. 10, 2016 Preorders for Whispering Sons' "Performance / Strange Identities" now on!

Whispering Sons' "Performance/Strange Identities" 7" is now up for preorders. Rel. date: Nov. 25, 2106
Two editions available:
#1 Oxblood in black vinyl (100 copies only)
#2 black vinyl (200 copies)
Don't let that one slip through your fingers...

////////////// Sept. 2nd, 2016 Preorders for Soft Kill's "Heresy" now on!

Preorders for Soft Kill's "Heresy" European Edition has started. Beast goes wild... Get yours here

////////////// Sept. 1st, 2016 Preorders for Soft Kill's "Heresy" starting TOMORROW!

Tomorrow's the big day for all you Soft Kill fans. Preorders for our European edition for LP "Heresy" will go live this Friday Sept. 2 at 7PM CET.
PM us if you want to get the notification by email or check our bandcamp page at 7 sharp tomorrow if you wanna have a chance to grab the fancy stuff (four editions available).
#1. Clear red vinyl in velvet gatefold with extra 7" (two unreleased tracks) and a test pressing of LP "Heresy" > LIMITED TO 15 COPIES ONLY !!! ONE COPY PER ORDER ONLY !!!!!
#2. Clear red wax housed in velvet gatefold with extra 7". > 100 copies
#3. Red in milky clear vinyl with deluxe cardboard sleeve with partial UV gloss spots. > 200 copies
#4. Black vinyl. Deluxe cardboard sleeve with UV gloss spots > 300 copies

////////////// Aug. 20, 2016 Summer sale: 50% discount off EVERYTHING

Dear Weyrd supporters,
We thought it was time for a massive SUMMER SALE, here at WSR's HQ. By "summer sale" we mean REAL SALES!!! I mean, 50% discount off everything will not happen anytime soon.
This way you can purchase great records that will perfectly fit your Fall & Winter moods without digging a too big hole in your annual savings. We still have rad records by Drab Majesty, White Horse, Pure Ground, Charnier, Weird Candle, ALL YOUR SISTERS, Koban. Just know we're having a low stock on those so make it fast before they're gone for good!
Use the code WEYRDSUMMER while confirming your order and you'll receive a 50% discount on each single of our products (records, digital, merch).
Action available from this Saturday August 20th to Tuesday Aug. 31st.
Visit our bandcamp or the bigcartel stores. We're also taking this opportunity to announce the release of Soft Kill "Heresy" EP European Edition. First hundred copies of this "Heresy" will come in clear red wax (super limited edition in velvet gatefold). Edition #2 > 200 copies red in milky clear. Edition #3 > 300 black vinyl... More details on artwork and a few extras to come soon! Release date November 15, 2016.
Preorders will start September 2, 7PM CET

////////////// Aug. 11, 2016 Test pressings approved. And they'll go for sale!

Today we received the test pressings for Soft Kill's European edition of the LP "Heresy" we're releasing this November. There are 15 units and they'll be part of a very super mega limited edition along with the velvet gatefold and clear blood red wax. There's also gonna be another extra to this edition but we'll come back later to that. Preorders will start during the first week of September. Be sure you send us your email address to receive our newsletter if you wanna get the chance to catch one of those jewels.

////////////// July 26, 2016 New repress for Carol "Breakdown / So Low" 7"

Once again, the end of the year's gonna be quite busy. As announced two days ago, we're preparing some very special edition for Soft Kill's killer album "Heresy" (see previous post). In addition to that, and to satisfy the hundreds of frustrated souls who didn't get a chance to grab one of the thousand copies we dropped of the reedition for Carol's classic "Breakdown / So Low" 7", well, just know we're adding another run of 1000 copies in 4 distinctive editions (100 half white/half clear with black splatter, 200 half white / half clear, 300 half black / half clear and 400 black). Same as for the Soft Kill release, preorders of that one will go end of August/first days of September.

////////////// July 26, 2016 More details on Soft Kill "Heresy"

To all the Soft Kill fans who showed their enthusiasm yesterday, here are a few little details about that release. First hundred copies of this "Heresy" will come in clear red wax (super limited edition in velvet gatefold). Edition #2 > 200 copies red in milky clear. Edition #3 > 300 black vinyl... More details on artwork and a few extras to come soon!

////////////// July 23, 2016 Soft Kill's "Heresy" European Edition out soon on Weyrd Son Records

It is such an honour to be the label that Soft Kill has chosen for the release of the European edition of their now sold out "Heresy" EP originaly released through Funeral Party Records. Such a great comp deserved the best treatment and that's exactly what I tried to translate rethinking the packaging...So yesterday morning I received the prototype for what I consider as one of the most beautiful record sleeve I ever held. This super thick gatefold is all covered in some fine velvet-like texture that gives a very special feel to that even more special record that is this "Heresy".
Not only that album is one of my favs from these last years but also it features the artwork by the fantastic øjeRum whose collages are hands down the beautifulest I've ever seen.
Preorders will start end of August. Release is expected for late October/early November.
PS: those pictures show the super deluxe edition limited to 100 copies, coming with some very exciting extras (more details soon) . There'll be two more "regular" editions for those who don't wanna put too much dineros on such a thing. But if you really wanna grab one of these fancy babies, don't hesitate sending your email address so you get noticed once preorders are on and going wild...

////////////// June 24, 2016 Last ones!

Only having a handful of those hard enamel pins left. Grab yours here while it's still time.

////////////// May 27, 2016 Exciting things on the way...

Great announcement is on the way. The link below might be a hint...

////////////// Apr. 27, 2016 Drab Majesty video interview by Post-Punk Mag

It's been now four days since the Drab Majesty / Charnier EU tour is over and there's lots of images, sounds, lovely moments and situations being brought up back to minds and hearts. Post-Punk mag did a very sensitive interview with Deb and Mona (Drab Majesty) in Berlin, speaking about past, present & bright future. Thanx to Deb for the beautiful words about Weyrd Son Records (or WERYD Son Records - sic).

////////////// Apr. 12, 2016 Drab Majesty's "The Heiress / The Demon" - Out now!

New Drab Majesty - "The Heiress" 7" is now out on Weyrd Son Records. Two editions available: clear purple/blue or black vinyl. Photography by the amazing Kristin Cofer.
That hologram foil is SICKKKKK!

////////////// Apr. 8, 2016 "The Revenant Gospels" 3ep boxse by White Horse is now available

So we finally got these fancy boxes this morning. Wich means this White Horse "The Revenant Gospels" 3ep boxset is now COMPLETE! Just now needs to be fill them and they'll be shipped this MONDAY! Sorry but thanx to everyone for waiting patiently, over and over. You will all be rewarded in just a few days.
And for those who haven't make their decision to purchase it yet, just know we still have a very little few of the super limited edition to 75 copies (13 left).

////////////// Apr. 4, 2016 Post-punk Magazine premieres for Drab Majesty "The Demon"

Such an honor to have Post-Punk premiering the exclusive track of our new release coming out THIS THURSDAY! Discover "The Demon" by Drab Majesty, as the side B of "The Heiress" 7".

////////////// Apr. 4, 2016 White Horse boxes finally on their way

Boxes for the so much awaited White Horse "The Revenant Gospels" 3ep boxset are finally done and they look so tight! They'll be here by the end of the week. We'll then spend the weekend filling those with the records and extras before they'll be heading to their new owners next MONDAY!
Order your copy here.

////////////// Apr. 1, 2016 Drab Majesty & Charnier European tour kicks off next week!

We're just less than a week away from Drab Majesty / Charnier European tour.
Catch them in Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Austria and Germany.
See full details on our tourpage.

////////////// Feb. 27, 2016 Video for Weird Candle's "Psychic Controller"

Weird Candle's super kicker "Psychic Controller" is now enjoyable in motion with this spooky video directed by Alex Ross

////////////// Feb. 17, 2016 Reissue for "Breakdown" by Carol is here.

Just got these Carol 7" reissue and they came out PERFECTLY.
Here's Edition#1 on white with black haze.

////////////// Feb. 16, 2016 Test Pressing for Charnier's EP got approved.

Received and approved test pressings for Charnier's EP coming up next April.

////////////// Feb. 6, 2016 Video for Marie Davidson's "Shaky Leg"

Just a little less than two years ago, we released the amazing album "Perte d'identité" by Marie Davidson. On this record appears "Shaky Leg", which now got a special treat with a sweet retro and light video, by Kaspar89.

////////////// Jan. 26, 2016 Drab Majesty's 7" and Chranier's EP now up for pre-orders

Intense day at Weyrd Son Rec HQ. We're delighted, honoured and proud to announce preorders for our April releases.

We love 7" records and this one promises to be quite a gem. Drab Majesty is giving us the privilege to release a special European Tour 7" with "The Heiress" and the exclusive "The Demon" on Side B. Two editions available: #1 > 150 copies on clear purple/blue vinyl. Edition #2 > Black vinyl (edition of 350 copies). Artwork by Kristin Cofer.
Special thanx to our bro's at Dais Records for allowing us making this special thing possible.

Our other April release is Brussels based trio Charnier's first EP, originally released on tape through Wool-e-tapes in October. This 6 track collection finally gets its special treat on a sweet clear Royal Blue wax with black smoke, housed in pretty classy deluxe sleeve wrapped in an extra printed PVC sleeve. Special edition of 300 copies. Artwork by Felipe Vasquez.

Both records are coming out on April 7, especially for Drab Majesty & Charnier common European tour starting in Vilnius (Lithuania) on the same day.

Discover and/or purchase them here: Charnier's EP and Drab Majesty's 7"

////////////// Jan. 17, 2016 CHARNIER - EP announcement.

April 2016 will see the release on vinyl of the first EP by Brussels trio Charnier. Take a sneak peak at that wonderful artwork (photographs by Felipe Vasquez This six tracks EP was originally released on cassette by Wool-E Tapes three months ago. Show some support!

Oh, and make sure you catch them this Spring in Europe while they'll be touring alongside Drab Majesty... Stay tuned for more info.

////////////// Jan. 15, 2016 Drab Majesty "The Heiress/The Demon" 7". Soon...

We've been cooking something pretty special lately. Something dark but glittery. For his first European tour, were excited to release the 7" "The Heiress" by Drab Majesty. Side B will be revealing the unreleased track "The Demon". APRIL 2016! Preorders will start soon...
Special thanx to Dais Records for allowing us using this wonderful track that's featured on Drab Majesty's full length "Careless" they released last year. The album is now on its second press, don't sleep any longer on that one, might bring bad karma...

////////////// Jan. 7, 2016 Carol "Breakdown/So Low" 7", 4th edition now available for preorder

We're officially out of stock with all three editions for Carol's "Breakdown/So Low" 7" reissue. Good news is we're throwing a fourth edition of 400 copies on a smooth grey wax! Preorder now. Starts shipping Feb. 20th.

////////////// Dec. 14, 2015 White Horse "The Revenant Gospels" 3 ep boxset available now for preorder

White Horse - "The Revenant Gospels" 3EP boxset
WyS-003 / The Light Diggers Series #2
Release date February 20th, 2016

WHITE HORSE is the somber vision of musician Ben Chisholm, who is also a full time member of Chelsea Wolfe. Recording under the name "White Horse" since 2010, he has released a number of highly praised experimental solo recordings including "Final Coordinates" and "The Revenant Gospels I, II, and III". Sighting other artists working under the moniker, White Horse, the name was put out to pasture in 2012 and turned into REVELATOR.

'All vocals performed by those whom are no longer with us.'

Somewhere between life and death, in an in-between might be poetically described as David Lynch - simulating a human face surreal awakening to that, his eyes still misty and feet walking on ground that it still does not recognize as completely his own, do not really know where he is - the music of Angelinos is a mix between a brutal reality, prosaically lo-fi and moods esoteric-hypnotics fascinating. Haunted by a vote of songs from old dusty records of the early last century and we believe directly unloaded from the abyss of oblivion, here accompanied by a piano from beyond the grave, then by the strings straight out of horror films, the 14 stocks that make up the two first volumes could also be well suited to atmosphere as a wake Mormon accompany a ghostly choir singing under the rubble of his Baptist church once burned by the KKK.
Volume III takes us on a journey through other generations and points on the map. The concept of using field recordings has here been pushed away for the use of more contemporary voices. The overall concept and style is the same though, as if these other people from the past learned what could be achieved through the pioneers on volume I and II.

Suffocating and mysterious, the music of White Horse still manages to remain melodic and pure, thus magnifying the wonderfully chaotic and sublimating his excessive taste for heavy atmospheres and tormented by a thin but continuous strand of seraphic light.

////////////// Dec. 14, 2015 PREORDERS

We're having some rad stuff available for preorder... White Horse "The Revenant Gospels" 3ep Boxset

... and Carol's "Breakdown / So Low" 7" reissue

////////////// Dec. 4, 2015 Carol "Breakdown/So Low" 7" - sneak peak

December 15 promises to be a great day. In about 11 days we'll annouce pre-orders for two amazing and very highly awaited records. First one is the White Horse "The Revenant Gospels" 3ep boxset we announced more than two years ago. Silence is gold...
And second one has been awaited for a little longer. We're talking about 35 YEARS! Yes, the reissue for Carol's classic "Breakdown" 7" it is.
Three editions will be available. 100 white with black haze, 200 black with white haze and 300 black vinyl. The first hundred will come with a very speacial extra cover based on the original painting by Jean-Pierre Rose. Release dates: February 15. Wanna receive our newsletter and be sure not to miss those jewels? Time to send us your email address at or on this page as a PM

////////////// Nov. 12, 2015 "Vehicular Romanticide", a short film directed by Andrew Rowe, including Carol' "So Low"

As announced a few days ago, we'll soon reissue Carol's classic "Breakdown/So Low" 7". The decision was finally taken after director Andrew Rowe included the song "So Low" into his excellent short film "Vehicular Romanticide". His film gave us the greatest motivation to re-release this great record, so thanx a bunch to Andrew without whom the project would've maybe never emerged...
"Vehicular Romanticide" will premiere next month at Whistler Fim Festival, taking place in Vancouver. Check the first official trailer...

////////////// Nov. 8, 2015 White Horse "The Revenant Gospels" 3ep boxset - available Feb. 15, 2016

The so much awaited White Horse "The Revenant Gospels" 3ep boxset will hit on February 15th, 2016. Preorders starting December 15th. It's time to get into the starting block already if you wanna make sure not to miss it..

////////////// Nov. 7, 2015 Carol's "Breakdown / So Low" 7" soon to be reissued !

35 years later, a repress of Carol's mythical "Breakdown/So Low" 7" will FIIIIINALLY be reissued. Guess what label is having the great privilege to release it?
No need to say we're gonna add some nice extra into this one. Spring 2016...

////////////// Oct. 5, 2015 New releases at Wool-E Tapes and a hint on what's coming next on Weyrd Son Records

Our budies at Wool-E Tapes have just announced pre-orders for their new titles to be released for the next Cassette Store Day happening on October 17th. Also a great occasion to hear and grab a copy of Charnier's first EP on cassette. And we're proud to officially announce Weyrd Son Records will release this one on vinyl around March 2016. And for the most enthusiastic ones, Charnier will be touring Europe alongside with Drab Majesty next Spring.

////////////// Sept. 18, 2015 White Horse's "The Revenant Gospels" 3 ep boxset. Full artwork.

We had an extended summer break here at WSR's headquarter and we're coming back with some real stuff. This is certainly one of the latest news about White Horse' (aka Ben Chisholm, who's 25% of Chelsea Wolfe's band) "The Revenant Gospels" 3ep boxset before it's being released for good. This one will come out before the end of this year for sure. Just waiting to hear from the plants but I just can't keep this whole thing for myself any longer...
In the details, this boxset will consist of a very thick (1500gr) cardboard box with debossing parts, all covered in some pretty luxurious fabric. Three vinyl records inside. Outersleeves will have debossing parts as well and oldstyle pictures (by Manon Weiser.) sticked on them. Only 250 copies of this beauty will be edited and the first 75 will come with an extra fabric (wrapping the three records) silkscreened by our own delicate hands and sealed on the back with wax. In addition to those 75 first copies will come an extra 10" lathe cut record with four bonus tracks. Preorders will start early next month. Don't hesitate to send us your email address so we can add you to our mailing list and make sure you'll be told when preorders are on.

////////////// July 1, 2015 White Horse's "The Revenant Gospels" 3 ep boxset soon available. Sneak peak

I don't know how many times we announced it. Always been delayed/postponed, but this time it's serious, the White Horse "The Revenant Gospels" 3ep boxset is set to be released for REAL this OCTOBER!
You think the box looks cool? Just wait to see all the things that's gonna be inside. More pix very soon...

////////////// June 15, 2015 Pure Ground's "The Arsonist/And So Remain" 7" now available

Our new release by Pure Ground "THE ARSONIST / AND SO REMAIN" - 7" finally made it (with a three weeks delay). This wax goes by the sweet name of "beer/gold haze". Art with gold foil is ace as well. Such a cutie.
Get yours here.

////////////// June 2, 2015 Weird Candle's "Regeneration" finally out!

Finally got our new release!!!
Weird Candle "Regeneration" - WyS-010
This white spot in milky clear vinyl turned out real good!

////////////// June 2, 2015 All Your Sisters playing new song "Reconcile" at Weyrd Son Records Night

3rd excerpt from last week's Weyrd Son Records Night. All Your Sisters played a good handful of exclusive tracks. This one lit both the stage and audience with its 7 min of madness driven by swirling bass, kicking beats and ferocious but sharp vocals. "Reconcile" it is and will appear on their new record to see the light of day sometime in 2016.

////////////// May 30, 2015 All Your Sisters European tour now over...

All Your Sisters European tour is now behind and that was quite a trip! Thanx to Jordan and Mario for this series of 16 amazing shows. Thanx to everyone who booked them in France, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Lithuania, Italy, Switzerland. And a big Thanx to all the curious souls who got to one (or more) of their shows and partied and danced with them. For the nostalgics, here's a footage from their show in Belgium two days ago. And for those who didn't have the opportunity to see them or just want to have more, just know they'll be back next year.

////////////// May 27, 2015 Weird Candle at Weyrd Son Records Night

Here's another footage from the Weyrd Son Records Night that took place last Friday.
Weird Candle lit the place like no other with their synthpunk and their short but radical tunes. "Psychic Controller" is a good example.

////////////// May 25, 2015 Pure Ground's performance at last week's Weyrd Son Records Night

Last weekend was pure insanity. Weyrd Son Records Night had everything you needed. Fabulous performances by Marie Davidson, Pure Ground, All Your Sisters and WEIRD CANDLE. Crowd response was fantastic. Sound was true perfection, thanx to our sound engineer Pierre Guerineau. This might be just blahblah for you so here's a footage to prove it all.
"Centuries in Gold" by Pure Ground was for sure one of the so many climax of the night. Thanx to Phil Blackmarquis for filming and editing this stellar moment.

////////////// May 17, 2015 Weird Candle in Discorder Magazine

Kilroy and Caleb of WEIRD CANDLE are posing like pros on Discorder Magazine's cover. There's more inside, coming with a great write-up/interview. Read the story from their kewl PDF version.

////////////// May 14, 2015 All Your Sisters Mixtape for Hartzine

Check out ALL YOUR SISTERS' exclusive mixtape for French mag hartzine. Definitely gonna put you in the mood for their first ever Parisian show taking place tomorrow at Espace B...
Read story here.

////////////// May 12, 2015 New mixtape by Weyrd Son

We're soon celebrating our second anniversary. A festival is around the corner, happening in Brussels.
There are gifts and promos on for the two next weeks.
And there's this new mixtape! This is a very happy anniversary but the mood for this mix was dark and quite dirty. Featured today's finest of noise and experimental. Enjoy y'all.

////////////// May 6, 2015 All Your Sisters European Tour starting today!

Today is a special one. We're so happy and honored to announce All Your Sisters are finally and officially starting their European tour. Berlin and DEATH # DISCO are the lucky ones hosting the very first Euro show. They'll be sharing the stage with Xarah Dion, another great reason to make it to Urban Spree. In other words "Just be there".
Check FB event page here.

////////////// May 5, 2015 White Horse updates...

For those who have followed us in our adventures from the very beginning, we announced a White Horse 3ep boxset back in 2013. Project has been postponed again and again... And if you remember about our third post of this year, we shared a picture listing all releases planned for 2015. Second and third one were respectively Weird Candle "Regeneration" and Pure Ground "The Arsonist / And So Remain". FOURTH ONE mentioned White Horse "The Revenant Gospels". So as the second and third one are being released this month, it means Ben Chisholm's (Chelsea Wolfe, Revelator) masterpiece is FIIIIIIINALLY around the corner. I'm sure some of you won't give credit to this post but, yes, believe me, the boxset will be released this fall. The artwork will be the craziest in the history of Weyrd Son Records. And the music... well, three years later I'm still addicted to it the same way.
What else to say?

////////////// May 5, 2015 Weird Candle updates

...some Weird Candle updates.
1. One of our Vancouver's fav is soon packing for their first European tour starting on the 20th. Check the dates on tour poster hereunder. Don't you dare missing them...
2. Their debut album "Regeneration" will be released on May 22nd. You can preorder it here.
3. The duo is featured on the cover of DISCORDER's May issue.
4. "Regeneration" full stream will be premiered by Exclaim! on May 13th. Come back here on that day, we'll have a link for ya.
5. "Psychic Controller" (from "Regeneration" LP) will appear on June's CD issue compilation of German magazine Sonic Seducer. OK, that's all for now...

////////////// Apr. 29, 2015 All Your Sisters European Tour starting in a week

All Your Sisters' European Tour starts in exactly one week from today. Find all details here.

////////////// Apr. 22, 2015 New All Your Sisters exclusive European tour shirt

All Your Sisters is soon invading Europe (May 6 > May 29). Don't forget to check their merch table, they'll have a few special things on this tour only, like this classy medusa/Modern Failures shirt.

////////////// Apr. 8, 2015 Weyrd Son Records presents: Essaie pas

May is about to be the most insane month. Brussels will be the capital of minimal synth music. Just like 30 years ago.
Weyrd Son Records and Teenage Menopause RDS present Essaie pas (Marie Davidson's duo with Pierre Guerineau). May 21, Cafe Central. Free Concert.
FB event page

////////////// Mar. 26, 2015 All Your Sisters having a second Brussels date

Meanwhile, besides all the exciting news we announced lately All Your Sisters is preparing for their first EU tour... Starting May 6.
They'll play a few Belgian shows. If you're in Brussels on May 14 (or 22 for another Brussels date, for Weyrd Son Records Night), this one's for you.
FB event page

////////////// Mar. 25, 2015 Pure Ground "The Arsonist"
Hey y'all Pure Ground fans out there, you ready for this?
L.A. duo is destroying it again...

////////////// Mar. 23, 2015 Preorders for ure Ground's "The Arsonist / And So Remain" 7" starting now
This is finally happening.
Today is official preorders day.
Pure Ground "The Arsonist / And So Remain" 7".
Devastating your deck on May 22...

////////////// Mar. 23, 2015 Preorders for Weird Canle's "Regeneration" LP starting now
This is finally happening.
Today is official preorders day.
Weird Candle "Regeneration" LP.
Your turntable will stagedive by itself on May 22...

////////////// Mar. 23, 2015 Hartzine is premiering new Weird Candle track "Science"
Had or still having a stressful day at work? We got what you need to exorcize and wash it all away.
Time to premiere Weird candle new track "Science". I honestly couldn't name another song pulling my socks so much lately.
Thanx to Thibault and to the hartzine team for the premiere and the story. Read here. Oh, and by the way, the album is available on preorders on our bandcamp store.
This is happening now!

////////////// Mar. 19, 2015 Weyrd Son Records Night.

Weyrd Son Records is turning 2 next May. Celebration will be intense with Marie Davidson, Pure Ground, All Your Sisters and Weird candle.
Weyrd Son Records Night /// May 22, 2015
Click JOIN if you dare...

////////////// Mar. 5, 2015 Weird Candle's "Regeneration" - artwork unveiled

If you're a true Weyrd Son Records follower, you've certainly heard us mentioning Weird Candle several times. Their forthcoming LP "Regeneration" is an intense stare in the eyes. Speaking about eyes, here's the final artwork to blow them off! Special thanx to Pierre Silverberg for letting us using his frozen snakes photographs (no animals were harmed in the making of these photographs, these snakes died of natural causes...) Also, the third and last excerpt before the final release will be unveiled and premiered by hartzine Monday 23rd of this month. Tick tock tick tock... Release date May 22nd.

////////////// Feb. 28, 2015 All Your Sisters European Tour announcement!

All Your Sisters will soon invade Europe. Starting May 6th. Check this page in the next few days, your town will soon probably be added. And if you own a venue/club and want them to kick giant monkey's butts over there, don't be shy, drop us a mail at
AYS' Euro tour FB event page

////////////// Feb. 1, 2015 Exclusive track by Weird Candle. I Die: You Die premiere!

Tomorrow, I Die: You Die will premiere a killer exclusive track from forthcoming Weird Candle album due on May 22.
Come back here tomorrow or check I Die: You Die's page to have a total blast with "Psychic Controller". Best way to start the week (the month actually)!

////////////// Jan. 29, 2015 "Modern Failures" by All Your Sisters, out now.

Finally on your way (with a two weeks delay due to a little sleeve issue - we had to reprint it in a rush) !!!
"Modern Failures" by All Your Sisters will hit your turntable in something like 3 to 10 days, depending on their destination...

This killer album comes in two editions:
#1 - Clear/black haze vinyl (200 copies)
Black and white reversed printing + inside of sleeve printed in silver lamination coat (you gotta see it)
Printed innersleeves.
Extra cover, back printed in silver lamination coat (see "distorted" visual)

#2 - Black vinyl (300 copies)
Black and white reversed printing + inside of sleeve printed in silver lamination coat
Printed innersleeves.

////////////// Jan. 14, 2015 Nothing Lasts Forever: An interview with All Your Sisters

Check that very sensitive and intimate interview with ALL YOUR SISTERS by Andre Torrez, for IMPOSE Magazine. Thank you!
Check it HERE

////////////// Jan. 9, 2015 WyS buttons are finally here

We are thrilled to unveil our super classy button made of metal and hard enamel paint.
This one will look perfect on your punky leather jackets, goth tuxedos and burlesque vests...
They're available HERE

////////////// Jan. 3, 2015 Sneak peak on what's to happen on Weyrd Son Records in 2015

In case you were wondering what were our plans in 2015.
This year's gonna be quite a "tour de force" over here.
This whole thing starts in less than two weeks with the release of "Modern Failures" by All Your Sisters. This one is a reedition on vinyl of the album of the same title that was released last year on Beläten | Post Avantgarde Pop.
The month of May will be quite an intense month as we're releasing the "Regenaration" LP by Vancouver's duo Weird candle, and a 7" by our idols Pure Ground. These two will be officially released on the 22nd, the same day we're throwing the first edition of the Weyrd Son Records Festival as a celebration for the 2nd anniversary of the label. Around summer, the so much awaited White Horse 3 ep boxset "The Revenant Gospels" should be there (I know, after two years of long wait... kinda hard to believe)
Marie Davidson will be back with a reissue of her first album (with two extra songs) that was released exclusively on tape by Texas label Holodeck. "Esthétique revisitée" will see the light of day in November.
And last thing cooking to see the light of day this year is another killer album by Ben Chisholm (Chelsea Wolfe / White Horse / Revelator) and Felix Skinner (Wreck & Reference)... Hope you all feel ready for this year. You better be.

////////////// Jan. 2, 2015 Thanx for this fantastic year

Sooooo... 2014 is now behind for good and I'd love to spare you the recurrent blahblah about "how last year was so good" and shit... But thing is, I won't spare you, because 2014 was a REALLY good one and it needs to be shared. We had the chance to walk the same path alongside what we think are wonderful artists and even more wonderful human beings and souls. This was a privilege and that kind of feeling only leads to great moments and records. So I'd like to thank Marie Davidson, Luminance, Koban, Jessika Kenney, Eyvind Kang Music and Hyeonhee Park for their precious contribution in the writing of Weyrd Son Records' history.
And thanx to everyone who followed and supported us and shared our love for great music. If you liked what you saw and heard so far, let me tell you 2015 won't disappoint you. Great things are around the corner. You'll hear about all those real soon... XXX

////////////// Dec. 24, 2014 Welcome to Weird Candle and discover their first track from fourthcoming album Regenaration, out on Weyrd Son Records, May 2015

Hi peeps! Here's the first hint on what's happening next year.
We're stoked to introduce you to Vancouver based duo Weird Candle and their track "Night Freak" as a first excerpt from their fourthcoming album "Regenaration", due on May 22, 2015.

////////////// Dec. 15, 2014 Support CHARNIER !!!

This year is touching to its end and it's been quite intense and full of great projects, releases and events. But now it's time to close it off with a very special project, especially created for a good cause. Our friends of Brussels based band Charnier got their stuff stolen after they played a show at the end of this summer. It was a fantastic night, all the bands and mostly Charnier were pretty killing it. But some douches broke in the car and left with a good part of their devices. So they asked all the bands that played that night to give them a song to create a compilation. This cassette is now available and was created in collaboration with Wool-E Tapes, Intra Muros Records, Weyrd Son Records and CHR (Charnier). This tape is 6€ (or 4€ for purchasing it digitally) and benefits will go to the band, in order to help them buying again a little part of what they got stolen...
Thanx to everyone supporting art and music. Thanx for supporting Charnier!

////////////// Dec. 11, 2014 Preorders for vinyl "Modern Failures" by All Your Sisters starts now

The so much awaited vinyl edited for "Modern Failures" by All Your Sisters is finally available for pre-orders...

Edition #1
Limited to 200 hand-numbered copies.
140gr Clear vinyl with black haze.
300gr Deluxe cardboard sleeve with silver finish inside printing
Printed innersleeve
+ Extra cover

Edition #2
Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies.
140gr Black vinyl.
300gr Deluxe cardboard sleeve with silver finish inside printing
Printed innersleeve.

////////////// Dec. 2, 2014 preorders for vinyl "Modern Failures" by All Your Sisters start December 11

Come back in ten days to order your copy of the so much awaited "Modern Failures" vinyl edition by All Your Sisters

////////////// Nov. 28, 2014 Black Friday sales all weekend long on Weyrd Son Records

BLACK FRIDAY sales at Weyrd Son Records are now on.
Use the code black to get a 30% discount on all our releases.
Hurry up, some of them are almost sold out.
See you THERE and THERE

////////////// Nov. 16, 2014 Kenney/Kang/Park "at Temple Gate" out now on Weyrd Son Records

We are so excited and honored to announce today the release of "at Temple Gate" by Kenney/Kang/Park.
You can now stream and buy it HERE

Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies.
180gr black vinyl.
300gr Deluxe cardboard sleeve with printed innersleeve

“At Temple Gate” immerses you in a kind of shamanism of which the echo has long since been lost. It is an interstitial album which marries a modal ancestrality with the power of electronic soundscapes, revealing a duality, an incantation at the threshold of death. The Sound is what immediately strikes the listener, even before the Logos, the word, the music itself: “at Temple Gate” is an experience a kind of sonic ritual.

It is not the dead, these deities, who are terrifying, but the living and their ever more ardent desires to communicate with those whose bodies have spread throughout the cosmos into a billion particles of stardust; where we come from and where we end up, ashes to dust. “At Temple Gate” is evocative of all of this: the bait of Time, Cruelty, the bite of Sound.

english translation: Laura Cole + 山

////////////// Nov. 9, 2014 All Your Sisters "Come Feel" video

Doomed Isabelle Adjani's moves in Andrzej Żuławski's "Possession" are perfect for "Come Feel" by ALL YOUR SISTERS.
Thanx to Sonny Frisco for the awesome edits on that one.

////////////// Oct. 28, 2014 Jessika Kenney/Eyvind Kang/Hyeonhee Park European tour startin Nov. 8

Jessika Kenney, Eyvind Kang and Hyeonhee Park will introduce their new release "at Temple Gate" with a short European tour this November.
Nov. 15 Bourges, France.
Nov. 16 Antwerp, Belgium.
Nov. 17 Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Nov. 19 Geneva, Switzerland.

Also, if you're in Brussels, Belgium, Jessika and Eyvind will be performing as a duo on the 8th of November at the Brigittines Chapel

////////////// Oct. 20, 2014 "Vowel", first track from Kenney/Kang/Park "At Temple Gate" unveiled, and pre-orders are starting now !

Dear folks, It is with an undescribable emotion that we are today unveiling the first track from "At Temple Gate", by trio Kenney/Kang/Park. Record will be officially released on Nov. 16, 2014.

For those who don't know who they are yet, check out their official artist page on our website. This won't leave you unimpressed...
White vinyl (with extra plastic cover) is sold out but there are still a few of those black ones available... Listen & order

////////////// Oct. 15, 2014 Soon on your punky leather jackets, goth tuxedos and burlesque vests...

We're preparing a super sexy/classy/brighty hard enamel pin having the Weyrd Son Records logo. Soon making holes in your favorite clothes. Stay tuned

////////////// Oct. 9, 2014 All Your Sisters / Chasms West Coast Tour starting tomorrow

Our dear buddies of ALL YOUR SISTERS are starting their West Coast Tour next Tuesday with Chasms. 10 days/shows of pure awesomeness are ahead. If you're around, you should show up cuz their music is rad, they're having new killer merch, plus they're sexy dudes with 'stache... What else?!

10/14 - Santa Rosa, CA @ Funk Den
10/15 - Chico, CA @ Orange Street Gallery
10/16 - Eugene, OR @ The Boreal
10/17 - Portland, OR @ High Water Mark
10/18 - Seattle, WA @ Rendezvous
10/19 - Olympia, WA @ The Northern
10/21 - Sacramento, CA @ Le Twist
10/22 - Modesto, CA @ Hero's
10/23 - Los Angeles, CA @ Complex
10/24 - Oakland, CA @ LCM

////////////// Oct. 8, 2014 Test-pressing for Kenney/Kang Park "At Temple Gate" has arrived

15 months ago I got interviewed by Invisible Guy (now One of the questions were more or less "In your wildest dreams, what artist or band would you like to work with in the future?" I gave a few names and the last one was EYVIND KANG. This "wild dream" is coming true and I can't express the emotion that shook me when I received the test pressings earlier today. So I picked the beautifulest of my turntables for that so special occasion. And to complete the thing, one of my all time top three vocalists Jessika Kenney is part of it, alongside another fantastic musician I got introduced through this wonderful collection of humble tunes and her name is Hyeon Hee Park, on percussion. Thanx to them for the trust and the passion.
I'm so proud and honored to say Kenney/Kang/Park "At Temple Gate" have been checked and approved!!! Pre-orders will start next Monday...

////////////// Sept. 18, 2014 Best of bands 2014 interview: KOBAN !!!

"...back in the 80's, singer-bassist Brittany Westgarth and guitarist-vocalist Samuel Buss would've been legendary, card carrying Batcavers..."
Read story here.

////////////// Sept. 10, 2014 Koban"Vide" EP review in STRAIGHT

Koban's "Vide" is perfect for darkening days. Thanx to

////////////// Sep. 7, 2014 Kenney/Kang/Park, first installment to be released under "THE LIGHT DIGGERS SERIES"

Annouced earlier, "The Light Diggers Series", a new subdivision of Weyrd Son Records, will release the new Jessika Kenney/Eyvind Kang/Hyeon Hee Park LP, entitled "At Temple Gate". The name of "light diggers" was directly inspired by the work of Kenney / Kang and other great minds and artists related, and the generosity they've always spread through their art.
Here's a sneak peek of the record to see the light of day in the weeks to come.

////////////// Sep. 7, 2014 Weyrd Son Records presents its new subdivision "THE LIGHT DIGGERS SERIES"

Special announcement:
You all know WEYRD SON RECORDS is all about dark and electronic music. But our love for music is extreme and goes beyond styles and aesthetics. This is why we're starting a collection called "THE LIGHT DIGGERS SERIES". With "The Light Diggers", there won't be any boundaries. As the first instalment of this series, Weyrd Son Records is so proud to contribute to the release of the new JESSIKA KENNEY / EYVIND KANG / HYONHEE PARK album. All together, they've played with some of the most prestigious and influencial artists on this planet, such as John Zorn, Mike Patton, Bill Frisell, Sunn O))), Six Organs Of Admittance, MR. Bungle, Secret Chiefs, Laurie Anderson, ASVA, and way too many others to mention.

////////////// Aug. 24, 2014 Weyrd Son Records gets a whole label review by DJ De'Ath

If you've missed reviews from our past releases, here's a good summary for our WHOLE discography. Thanx to DJ De'Ath who've carefully listened to every single track and wrote this sick 'Label review'.

////////////// Aug. 23, 2014 Soon on Weyrd Son Records

Sneak peak time... This is the new dope thing we're working on. We thought this ALL YOUR SISTERS record deserved the most special treatment.
If everything goes well, you'll get to touch, feel, smell that gem by mid/end November.

////////////// Aug. 19, 2014 Lié playing Brussels tomorrow

Tomorrow Brussels gonna turn into a place to mosh.
Vancouver's girls from cold punk trio Lié will burn the place.
Bring extinguishers if you're around. FB event page

////////////// Aug. 12, 2014 Marie Davidson soon in Brussels

Marie Davidson is playing at DNA (Brussels) next month.
Come early and discover //ZOO, from Vancouver. Mon 15 Sept. 8.30pm FB event page

////////////// Aug. 10, 2014 Newcomer in Weyrd Son Records!

We're getting prepared for the big finale for this year with (very) crazy projects, new slayin' bands, and rad records to be (gently) thrown at your face...
We're so damn proud to count All Your Sisters from California as a part of the Weyrd Son Rec growing family. Earlier this year they've released this huuuuge album "Modern Failures" on tape through BELATEN Rec and we thought it deserved a needle and mostly a diamond to play it. So this one just got remastered and will get a brand new and super fresh artwork. Details will be updated very soon, but for now have a blast with one of our fav track (but they're all as intense so it was very challenging to chose JUST one) of this synthpearl. Don't forget to support both AYS and Belaten if you enjoy.

////////////// Aug. 8, 2014 Marie Davidson's "INDIAN SUMMER TOUR" starting September 1

Marie Davidson will be back on the European roads from September 1 to September 18 for the "INDIAN SUMMER TOUR".

////////////// Aug. 5, 2014 "Cool Wind" video

If you still haven't seen Koban's video for "Cool Wind" Here's your chance...
Video directed and filmed by Pierce Bowie.

////////////// Aug. 2, 2014 Koban's video for "Cool Wind" premiered on Mishka NYC

Hi folks. As announced three days ago, Koban's video for "Cool Wind" gets premiered by Мишка on this day. Video was directed and filmed by Pierce Bowie.
That one comes with a wonderful write up.
This is quite an honour to be supported by such a great brand. Thanx a million times to Sammantha.
Read and watch

////////////// Aug. 1, 2014 Marie Davidson "Perte d'identité" on white vinyl, now on pre-order

Marie Davidson's "Perte d'identité" LP makes its return on the store. This time on white vinyl.
First edition got sold out in less than three weeks and we predict quite the same for this one. PLUS, there are only 200 copies... Just saying.
Release date: August 22

////////////// July 13, 2014 Koban's "Vide" EP is finally here!

Now, this is what I call a gem. Artwork for "Vide" ep by Koban just turned out perfect, exactly the way it was expected. These varnish spots and that pink bubblegum/black splatter vinyl are just super sweeeeet. But the best part is the music. Big shout out to Koban!!! Discover it HERE

(Also available on black wax for the purists).

////////////// July 12, 2014 Marie Davidson "Perte d'identité" soon repressed on white vinyl

Marie Davidson's "Perte d'identité" is in the repress process right now. On white wax this time... Limited edition of 200 copies.
Release date: Agust 22.
Pre-orders will start on the 1st of August.

////////////// July 9, 2014 Koban's "Vide" ep EXCLUSIVE FULL STREAM on THE DRONE

Good morning everyone. There's no better way to start a day with some fresh killer music. And this one is for sure no exception.
Weyrd Son Records' new release "Vide" EP by our new fav duo Koban, is NOW in exclusive full stream. Special thanx to The Drone and Lucie Monpontet. Enjoy!
Read and play it HERE

////////////// July 8, 2014 Koban's "Vide" EP to be exclusively fullstreamed in its entirety by THE DRONE.

Coming this Wednesday July 9. Don't forget to visit us tomorrow!!!

////////////// July 7, 2014 Koban and Bleak Seven, Brussels July 9th, 2014...

This Wednesday is the opportunity to have huge blast. Koban (Can) and Bleak Seven (De) will make their Belgian debut at the Café Central, Brussels.
Koban just started their European tour last week and this will be a great occasion to buy their super fresh EP "Vide" that's getting released the same day on Weyrd Son Records.
Which means we'll throw a release party with Weyrd Son and Elzo (Teenage Menopause Records) dj-ing after the shows...
Check the event page HERE

////////////// June 12, 2014 Pre-order time!!! #2 - Koban's "Vide" ep

Koban is a storm that has been gathering over the Pacific Northwest since 2011. After an EP and full length recording behind them, the Vancouver-based duo is striking out again with a new 6-song EP on Weyrd Son Records this time, gaining sound and fury in these brooding new tracks. Koban naturally and seamlessly genre bend, their punk roots buried deep under layers of melded synth, goth and post-punk. This creates a unique sound which is simultaneously full and sparse, atmospheric and uneasy. A drum machine creates a baseline over which moody interchanging vocals and blown-out guitar noise quickly and organically oscillates. Their lyrics give a wink and nod to their influences and feature songs sung in French for an icy touch. Koban leave you with a feeling of being utterly new and a sense of déjà vu.
text by M. McCaul - Only Death Is Fatal

Limited to 200 hand-numbered copies.
140gr Pink/black splatter vinyl.
300gr Deluxe cardboard sleeve with varnish UV spots

Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies.
140gr Black splatter vinyl.
300gr Deluxe cardboard sleeve with varnish UV spots

Order it HERE

////////////// June 5, 2014 Koban faetured in BEATROUTE

Koban, champions of the Summertime Blues...

Read the interview HERE

////////////// June 4, 2014 Koban getting ready for their first European tour

KOBAN touring Europe. Starting July 4. Gonna be EPIC. Check out their dates. More to be announced soon...

JULY 17 /// LODZ, TBA (PL)
...more dates to come soon.

////////////// May 28, 2014 Animal Bodies and Charnier, Brussels June 27th, 2014...

We are throwing a killer party next June 27. Come and join us for Animal Bodies (Can) / Charnier (Be), taking place at London Calling, in Brussels.
There'll be a very cool after party with Weyrd Son and Elzo (Teenage Menopause Records) dj-ing
Check the event page HERE

////////////// May 18, 2014 Koban unveil their "Vide" ep in

Craving for more details about Koban's "VIDE" EP? Check out Exclaim's story HERE

////////////// May 17, 2014 Soon on Weyrd Son Records...July 9

////////////// May 16, 2014 KOBAN's first excerpt of their "VIDE" ep. Exclusive stream on HARTZINE

Alright folks. Lots of things in the menu. First of all, as promised, the premiere of koban's "401a".

This one is the opening track from their forthcoming EP "Vide" to be released in the early days of July.

This one comes with a wonderful write up (in French only) on Weyrd Son Records, an interview of myself and a brand new mixtape entitled "The Art Of Weyrd Wrestling (in memoriam Ultimate Warrior)" exclusively made for hartzine.
Zillions of thanx to Hartzine and to Thibault for his support and wonderful words.

Read and stream HERE

////////////// May 10, 2014 KOBAN's first excerpt of their "VIDE" ep. Stream it on Hartzine's website this Friday...

"401a" will be the first excerpt out of Koban's VIDE EP to be unveiled. The track will be premiered by the excellent hartzine. Come back here next Friday. Be prepared, this is serious stuff.

////////////// May 8, 2014 KOBAN's first excerpt of their "VIDE" ep. Coming soon...

Stay tuned for the first excerpt of our new release "VIDE", by Vancouver's postpunk duo Koban. This one will come with an exclusive mixtape for Hartzine, entitled "The Art Of Weyrd Wrestling" (as a tribute to wrestler Ultimate Warrior) and a super cool interview of Michael AKA Weyrd Son. Link will be shared in a few little days...

////////////// May 2, 2014 KOBAN's "Vide" ep on Weyrd Son Records is announced

As said a few weeks ago, this year promises to be a good one.
We're working on another release to see the light of day on 28 June. KOBAN's "Vide" EP will for sure be another classic on Weyrd Son Records. This one will come in two editions; the pink bubblegum and black splatter vinyl (limited to 200 copies) for the diehard collectors, and the black wax edition (300 copies) for the purists.
First official excerpt of "Vide" will be unveiled in a few weeks but for now, let's have a listen to the excellent "Null", their previous release on The Broadway To Boundary Rec. in March 2013...
Stream their previous effort HERE

////////////// April 20, 2014 Exclusive interview of Marie Davidson on WAVES

You gotta listen to WAVES on radio Including an interview of Marie Davidson and Weyrd Son talking about what's cooking for the next few months. This is happening now!

////////////// April 16, 2014 FANTSTIC review about Marie Davidson "Perte d'identité"

9 stars (out of 10). Really amazing review for Marie's "Perte d'identité". Hope some of you understand French because this is trully the kind of write up every artist and label would fantasize about. Thanx to DumDum.

...oh, and by the way... There are only something like 10 copies left... Just sayin'

DumDum's review

////////////// April 10, 2014 ...a few (but wonderful) press reviews on MARIE DAVIDSON's "Perte d'identité"

Seems like the press agrees on the great quality of our latest release...
...and so does our happy customers! Thanx to Bartek for the beautiful pic of the record in its new home.

Musiczine's review

Sly vinyl's review

Tiny Mix Tapes' review

Portals Music's review

////////////// April 4, 2014 Today gets MARIE DAVIDSON's "Perte d'identité" officially released. Party time!

"Montreal's own Marie Davidson will be celebrating her homecoming show and album release on Friday, at Le Bleury. Her debut full-length, Perte D'Identite, will be released on Friday, April 4th through Weyrd Son Records. Her dark electro-synth tunes paired with her mystical voice creates an otherworldly sound that is impossible to ignore."
Wanna take part to the party? Check the event page HERE

////////////// March. 26, 2014 MARIE DAVIDSON's "PERTE D'DENTITE" premiere on THE FADER

Ready for a seven minutes long slap? The Fader is today premiering Marie Davidson's track "Perte d'identité" from the upcoming album of the same title (Release April 4th). Billions of thanx to The Fader and ENJOY!!!
Perte d'identité premiere on THE FADER

////////////// March. 17, 2014 WEYRD SON and ELZO DJ SET - IN 80's WE TRUST at Madame Moustache (Brussels)

Weyrd Son is doing it again, but this time with our dear and great friend Elzo, of Teenage Menopause RDS.
Double bill all night long at Madame Moustache. Wednesday 26th of March, starting 10pm for hours of the finest selection of 80's hits and things that sound like. BOOM!

////////////// March. 12, 2014 MARIE DAVIDSON TOURING TEXAS starting this Thursday

Tomorrow in Austin!!! Marie Davidson will start invading Texas for a two weeks tour!
First stop this Friday 13, 9PM. at MAGGIE MAE's /// Courtyard - 512 Trinity St., Austin, TX 78701.

////////////// March. 12, 2014 MARIE DAVIDSON's "PERTE D'IDENTITE" LP PREO-ORDERS!

Pre-orders for Marie Davidson's "Perte d'identité" are finally starting now!
Release date is due April 4 2014. Click here to order or just to hear the two first excerpts "Abduction" and "Je ne t'aime pas".

////////////// March. 11, 2014 WEYRD SON DJ SET - Hard Hits All-nite Thursdays at Madame Moustache (Brussels)

Don't know what to do this Thursday starting 10PM?
Join us at Madame Moustache (Brussels, Belgium) and let's dance, jump and mosh on today's best, hosted by Weyrd Son behind the turntables. Some cold wave/synthpop/post punk wil smash the speakers and squash your insides ALL NIT LONG!
Plus it's FREE!!!. No Excuses...

////////////// Jan. 17, 2014 Marie Davidson's "Perte d'identité" official announcement

Today we are so proud to officialy announce Marie Davidson's first full length "Perte d'identité".

Perte d'identité, which translates to "loss of identity," is the debut LP by composer, singer and poet Marie Davidson, one of the finest artists rising from the electronic dark-synth scene in Montreal. Her voice is a stark half-spoken monotone which will tell you stories from which you can't escape unchanged. With this release, she refines her storytelling with suffocating tales that are both intimate and melancholic. Meanwhile, her miraculously human electronic rhythms are as frantic and hypnotic as an intense stare. In her premier full length album, she invites you to take a look in the peephole, revealing a fascinating cinematic picture. What you will be shown are the parts of yourself which you're scared and ashamed of, but also the ones that reveal a haunting and glamorous sensuality. Not only will she spin you a tale, but her music will immerse your soul in images of sweet anxiety. "This album is about romance and a quest for meaning."
Whith exclusive bonus track: "Shaky Leg" remixed by Cristobal U & The Mole

Artwork by Alice Thiel

This one will be limited to 300 hand-numbered copies.
140gr black vinyl, 300gr deluxe cardboard sleeve with embossing and inside printing , 300gr cardboard double sided insert.
Release date: first week of March 2014.

Perte d'identité LP on bandcamp and Perte d'identité LP on bigcartel

////////////// Jan. 6, 2014 Show some support to our friends of BOAN

Time to support one of the new best bands in the synthsphere. BOAN is the new project by members of three of my favorites (Medio Mutante, Ssleeperhold and //TENSE//). If you don't know them, you definitely have to check them out and discover their first official video for FREAK SNAKE (Directed by Asa Fox). Your mind will blow. Open your eyes and ears in 2014 because this one will be BOAN's year! Read the review on MISHKA NYC

////////////// Dec. 1st, 2013 BLACK FRIDAY!!! Hurry up!

Last day to have a chance to grab some of our records for this year's Black Friday sale. Don't forget to use the code: WEYRD to take 30% off!!! Take a visit to our stores bandcamp and bigcartel

////////////// Nov. 27, 2013 BLACK FRIDAY!!!

Two days before it is international BLACK FRIDAY. Which means our records will have a 30% discount starting this Friday November 29th. This one will go all through the weekend until Sunday December 1st. Just use the code: WEYRD to take 30% off. Visit our stores bandcamp and bigcartel

////////////// Nov. 12, 2013 Marie Davidson "Je ne t'aime pas" video

2014 promises to be a great year. We're so proud to count Marie Davidson amoung us and to release her debut album called "Perte d'identité" around February. Here's the first excerpt and video "Je ne t'aime pas". Great song, beautiful and very sensitive voice and vibes, wonderful video directed by Pierre Gerineau...

////////////// Oct. 30, 2013 Weyrd Son Records and Teenage Menopause Records present MUSHY (It) / Essaie pas (Can) Brussels, Nov. 21, 2013

Weyrd Son Records and Teenage Menopause are joining their forces for the organization of a special event that will soon take place in Brussels on Thursday, Nov 21. MUSHY (It) and ESSAIE PAS (Can) will share the stage and black cats will sing on rooftops. It'll also be the occasion for ESSAIE PAS to celebrate the release of their first LP to be released on TEENAGE MENOPAUSE REC. The album will see the light of day on Nov 16. If you can't make it to Brussels, check their calendar as they're playing a bunch of dates in Europe.
Entrance: 7€
Thursday, Nov 21 at 8pm @ London Calling, Brussels, Belgium

event page

////////////// Oct. 26, 2013 Video premiere for "Can I Hold The Sky" by Mushy

Today we're launching the video premiere for Mushy's "Can I Hold The SKy", from her contribution to the split EP MUSHY/MEDDICINE we released lately.
Millions of thanx to Francesco Brunotti (Direction / Motion Graphics / Animation) for the fantastic and very inspired video. Check his work here

MUSHY - "Can I Hold The Sky"

////////////// Oct. 25, 2013 Reviews reviews...

Since we started as a label, we NEVER got any single negative review on any of our releases. AND THESE ONES ARE NO EXCEPTIONS !!! Thanx to a closer listen for the great words on the LINEA ASPERA "II" EP and to beachsloth for covering the Mushy/Meddicine split EP.

////////////// Oct. 14, 2013 LINEA ASPERA "II" EP is out!

The Linea Aspera "II" EP (single-sided) finally got here today. Sorry for the so long delay and the wait. They'll be shipped your way tomorrow!!!

////////////// Sept. 29, 2013 Next release on Weyrd Son Records : HIGH-FUNCTIONING FLESH

Here's a taste of what's in the making as Weyrd Son Rec's fourth release... Please welcome High-Functioning Flesh, one of my biggest crush this year. Take a listen to their demo, you'll understand why! Their debut EP "A Unity Of Miseries A Misery Of Unities" will see the light of day in January 2014. take a listen

////////////// Sept. 27, 2013 Norman Records gives 9/10 to the Mushy/Meddicine split EP

Mushy : "t's like some kind of queasy nightmare about Burial producing a Sapphire Slows record while Zola Jesus and John Carpenter sit around smoking blunts and offering advice."

Meddicine: "Over on the other side Meddicine is doing something with similar dark synth textures but on more of a repeato tip, seemingly taking cues from Berlin bunker techno and more intense Throbbing Gristle-esque industrial grit for a frosty trio of head-nodders with hard crunchy beats and droney hypnotic synth loops. It's pretty intense in places. It sounds like the soundtrack to people running around a maze of tunnels being chased by shadowy monsters. Jittery and dark."

read it here

////////////// Sept. 14, 2013 Cool review of the Mushy/Meddicine split in Italian's ROCKIT

read it here

////////////// Sept. 3, 2013 LINEA ASPERA "ll" EP - vinyl reissue. Pre-orders!!!

Today is a pretty special day as we are very excited to announce the pre-orders for the reissue on vinyl of LINEA ASPERA "II".

Originally released on cassette, this vinyl reissue of Linea Aspera's last EP is a must have for minimal synth and darkwave enthusiasts.
The three tracks featured on this EP are wonderful synth-pop/noise/industrial pearls that translate perfectly the aesthetic of the London duo consisted of Alison Lewis and Ryan Ambridge; powerful lyrics and sexy vocals added to strong and infectious dronelike synths at their best that have a very high 80's-feel. Linea Aspera's music is very emotional and highly recommended for anyone who has learned that the darkness is their friend and who relish it's cold embrace.

This collection comes in a single-sided clear vinyl with artwork printed on PVC sleeve and tracing paper insert.
Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies.

stream it here

////////////// Aug. 25, 2013 MUSHY / MEDDICINE split EP review in MISHKA BLOGLIN

Excelllent review for the Mushy/Meddicine split EP by Mishka Bloglin. Billions of thanx to Samm and HeatStroke!!!


////////////// Jul. 27, 2013 Pre-orders for the MUSHY / MEDDICINE split are starting now!

Initially this MUSHY/MEDDICINE split saw its release last year on tape through Meddicine's own label SixSixSixties Records. Both sides have a similar hypnotizing quality that is bound to intrigue anyone, yet are very different at the same time. Hailing from Italy, Mushy is like a siren; you know deep down that giving in to her seductive chanting will take you to a dark place, but you submit yourself nonetheless. Meddicine is a different kind of enchantress. Her music is overwhelming in a harsher, more straightforward way, seducing by pulsating sound and noise rather than vocals. In other words, this vinyl reissue offers a great combination of psychedelic synths and noise that will leave no one unimpressed. Hand-numbered limited edition of 300. Release date: Aug. 19th.


////////////// Jul. 12, 2013 Review of "_ever Alive - a tribute to Snowy Red" in OBSKÜRE Mag

Another great review for "_ever Alive - a tribute to Snowy Red" in the excellent French mag OBSKÜRE. Thanx to Max Lachaud.
Don't wait any longer to order your copy as 90% is now gone in only one month!!!

////////////// Jul. 3, 2013 Soon on Weyrd Son Records...

The MUSHY/MEDDICINE split ep (vinyl reissue) is now in the making! Approximate release date 19 August.
You can stream it here and here

////////////// Jun. 21, 2013 Radio interview with Weyrd Son on Radio Campus

Tune in to 92.1 fm this Friday at 12pm (GMT+1). Exclusive interview with Weyrd Son, speaking about "_ever Alive - a tribute to Snowy Red" and about what's coming next on Weyrd Son Records. Lots of cool tunes will be played. (Interview in french)

////////////// Jun. 17, 2013 Review for "_ever Alive - a tribute to Snowy Red" by InvisibleGuy

Thanx to InvisibleGuy for this short but so positive review. Seems like they all have only good words for that one...Read

////////////// Jun. 16, 2013 Tribute to Snowy Red running out

Last five copies with free limited poster!!! Hurry up! Order

////////////// Jun. 15, 2013 Fan video for Mushy's "Baby Tonight"

Cool vid edit from a fan for Mushy's cover of Snowy Red classic "Baby Tonight"

////////////// Jun. 12, 2013 And yet another review!

7,5/10 for the Snowy Red tribute double album. Thanx to Son of Marketing!

////////////// Jun. 10, 2013 FULL & EXCLUSIVE STREAMING of "_ever Alive - a tribute to Snowy Red"

We're happy to announce that The Drone Mag is now streaming the complete tribute to Snowy Red on their website. Listen
Thanx to The Drone !!!

////////////// Jun. 4, 2013 Review for "_ever Alive - a tribute to Snowy Red" in Peek-a-Boo Mag.

The tribute to Snowy Red reached 95/100 and 10 stars (out of ten) in Peek-a-Boo Mag. Did you say killer review? Read

////////////// Jun. 1, 2013 Time for premiere!

Fourth and last excerpt out of "_ever Alive - a tribute to Snowy Red" before the album is officially out (less than a week now).
REVELATOR (Ben Chisholm) ft. FREDDY RUPPERT on the cover of the classic "EUROSHIMA (WARDANCE)"

////////////// May 9, 2013 "_ever Alive - tribute to Snowy Red" pre-orders are starting now and stream Animal Bodies' "Lies in your Eyes"!

You can now pre-order "_ever Alive - a tribute to Snowy Red" on our big cartel page. Remember, the first 125 orders will come with a free limited and hand-numbered poster.

////////////// Apr. 2, 2013 VIDEO PREMIERE !!! Check Snowy Red's classic "Nowhere" revised by Mirror Mirror @ THE FADER

read here

////////////// Feb. 19, 2013 DEATHDAY's "So Low" recording session

Here are a few pictures from Deathday's recording session for their contribution to the "_ever Alive - a tribute to Snowy Red" compilation. "So Low" sneak peak!!!

////////////// Feb. 17, 2013 LEBANON HANOVER + MARBURG spring tour 2013

May 12 DOM // ŁÓDŹ

////////////// Jan. 10, 2013 premiere for track/video from "_ever Alive - a tribute to Snowy Red"...

The first song from "_ever Alive - a tribute to Snowy Red" has just been released. This first song, "Nowhere", originally from Snowy Red's LP "The Right To Die" (1982), is covered by Marburg, a minimal wave/industrial band from Łódź, in Poland. The song comes with a video of Łódź featuring "daily post industrial decay".

MARBURG - "Nikąd (Nowhere)"

////////////// Jan. 2, 2013 MUSHY + BLACK TAR JESUS winter tour 2013

09/1 CZ Ústí nad Labem @ Prostor Mumie
10/1 CZ Praha @ K4
11/1 DE Berlin @ Madame Claude
12/1 CZ Plzeň @ Divadlo Pod Lampou
13/1 CZ Pardubice @ Klub 29

14/1 -- book us! (

15/1 CZ Olomouc @ Galerie U Mloka
16/1 SK Košice @ Tabačka Bar
17/1 AU Vienna @ Transporter
18/1 CZ Brno @ Boro (w/ Eric Chenaux)
19/1 CZ Budweis @ Ostinato Festival (w/ Eric Chenaux)

////////////// Dec. 28, 2012 Final tracklist for "_ever Alive - a tribute to Snowy Red" (by alphabetical order)

ANIMAL BODIES - Lies in Your Eyes



DEATHDAY - Don't Loose Control

LED ER EST - A Picture

MARBURG - Nowhere

MEDDICINE - The Long Run


MUSHY - Baby Tonight

NEWCLEAR WAVES - Blood Blood Blood

NOVE MURA - Breakdown

REVELATOR - Euroshima (Wardance)

SAFYEE - Torpedo Good Luck

SCORPION VIOLENTE - Euroshima (Wardance)


//TENSE// - Deep Desire


////////////// Dec. 20, 2012 BRIGHT FUTURE "A Lonely Christmas [Happy Holidaze]" - FREE DOWNLOAD

Our man Frank Midnite from Bright Future, who's part of the Snowy Red tribute album, just shared this reaaaaally cool tune on his soundcloud. PLUS FREE DOWNLOAD!!!

////////////// Dec. 20, 2012 Ben Chisholm's (WHITE HORSE) interview by fineprintmag

White Horse' interview in fineprintmag

////////////// Dec. 20, 2012 Teaser for upcoming White Horse's 3 ep boxset "The Revenant Gospels" on Weyrd Son Records

////////////// Dec. 18, 2012 WEYRD SON RECORDS FINALLY HITS THE WEB !!!

Ok, ok, ok... Just another damn label down here. Why the hell? The Mayans predicted the apocalypse in the next few days anyway... So, WHY?

Well, no other good reason than passion for arts, and for music more precisely. So simple as that. So simple as waking up on a sunday morning with these words in mind: "What if I was starting my own record label?". Yes, that simple!

So here we are eight months later with a gorgeous website and a few amazing releases and other projects in the making for the year to follow.

Weyrd Son Records only has the goal and pretention to try being the most honest and artist friendly label run on a shoe string.
The other big aim is to make the beautifulest and most arty items, because each record deserves to become a true collector, the same way we think our artists are cult names in the process.
This label is a home for the bands and artists a real admiration is expressed so they have the freedom to release music they might not be able to, or want to, release on other labels.

Before I go further, I think it's time to thank those who've been a great support to this cause: my mom, my sister Alice, another Alice who's now certainly reading this in an Asian youth hostel I guess. Juliette, without whom this project would've never grown in my brain. Jessi, the amazing webmaster who I've been a true pain in the ass to as I was constantly challenging him asking for more and more. My closest friends: Alex, Agostina, Claire, Yves, Deborah, Coline, Borto, Brigitte, Marion, Doom, CHA, Pieter, Zoé, Simi, Scuzzy, Ali, Nancy, Yoann, Niki, Carole, Blackmarquis, Robert D, Felipe.
Of course this wouldn't be complete without thanking the amazing artists and people I now consider like beloved friends who are taking part to this outstanding project: Lynette, Chris, Jessica R, Gus, James, Valentina, Monika, Jessica W, Lorene, Ben, Freddie, Sam K, Owen, Shawn, Josh, David, Ryan, Sam J, Natasha, Frank, Larry, Robert, Jessy, Alex, Justyna, Alessandro, Nafi, Toma and Mariana. Thanx to you all for the energy you're spreading and for the trust you're showing to me.

...a pretty special thought for my cat who haven't been rewarded by the same attention he used to be eight months ago... Now we're back on tracks, buddy!

And above all, this goes to the memory of Micky. It is the inspiration he communicated that made this all happen.

But now it's time to talk about what's waiting for you in 2013, despite the Mayan calculations:

First we have this free mixtape as a welcome gift you can download NOW. "The WEYRD Dig nasty". This is a mix that combines lots of the bands we'll work with for the next months.
Meddicie, Violet Tremors, Led Er Est, Animal Bodies, Bestial Mouths, Deathday, Snowy Red, Mushy, White Horse, Strange Powers, //TENSE//, Scorpion Violente
+ a few classix from that amazing music history...


Feb/Mar: "_ever Alive - a tribute to Snowy Red" - wys001
This will be first WS' installment; a double lp paying tribute to Belgian classical minimal-cold-darkwave one-man band Snowy Red.
For our first release we have none other than what we seriously think is today's finest with the likes of Animal Bodies, Bestial Mouths, Bright Future, Deathday, Led Er Est, Marburg, Meddicine, Mirror Mirror, Mushy, Nové Můra, Newclear Waves, Revelator, Scorpion Violente, Strange Powers, //Tense// and Violet Tremors. This is what we call a "allstars" lineup!

Spring: WHITE HORSE - "The Revenant Gospels" (3 ep boxset) - wys002
The note says "All the vocals were performed by those whom are no longer with us"... White Horse is the somber vision of musician Ben Chisholm, who is also a full time member of Chelsea Wolfe. Recording under the name "White Horse" since 2010, he has released a number of highly praised experimental solo recordings including "Final Coordinates" and "The Revenant Gospels I, II, and III".
These 20 tunes definitely come from another time and place. This is way scarier and darker than anything you've ever experienced. This makes most witch-house sound like a children's carnival ride. Supernatural, spooky, even terrifying, but also strangely tranquil once you give yourself over to it. These spirits just want to be heard, they are not threatening. It's been more than a year this trilogy has been an obsession, waiting and waiting for someone to drop that one down. So we're soooo proud this wonderful 3 volumes collection will finally get released under Weyrd Son Rec.!!!

Early summer: Mushy / Meddicine split ep - wys003
Those who've been lucky to grab a sample of the super limited (and now out of print) Mushy/Meddicine split tape will easily understand why Weyrd Son Rec. wanted to share this one and give it the opportunity to get rereleased on black wax. So many thanx to Monika (Meddicine / Sixsixsixties Records) for that! Follow those links, music will speak to you by itself.